Ramesh Acharya

Ramesh Acharya

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First Name * Ramesh
Last Name * Acharya
Username * rebelramesh
Country * India
City Chennai
Nationality Indian
Languages English



Website www.rebelarts.in


Rebel Arts is a Chennai-based company specializing in a wide melange of visual arts. It is the coming together of Ramesh Acharya's intrinsic interest for art and an inherent ability to leave indelible impressions with his artistic expressions. His expertise comes from being able to translate a thought into an aesthetically appealing subject, in any form, and on any medium.

Just as creating art is his passion, Ramesh is equally passionate about propagating art, to make it reach out to the masses. While commercial art is its sustenance, Rebel Arts wants to nourish its soul by teaching art in the near future. As an academy, it will begin by educating children, followed by adults who show an inclination for learning art. Inspired by Ramesh's intense fervour and guided by his creative direction, his young team of artists is striving to make Rebel Arts, a class apart...


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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